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(no subject) [Oct. 13th, 2008|09:47 pm]
hrm looks like im getting around to this about every two months.

thankfully that food poisoning bollocks is gone. i'm just getting over a cold now, but i can deal with that.

work is the same as it usually is, but they switched some of the responsibilities of myself and the other sales coordinator around so that i only have two acct managers and he has the rest, but i still get to work with the Honda Team during their meetings, so thats good. Since i have a new account manager and she is for Nissan, I'm on the Nissan team too. I like going to meetings, they make the day go by really fast.

i started going to the YMCA in ann arbor in August. i met with a trainer there once the week before i was sick, and i'm meeting with her again tomorrow. i figure its getting colder and i sit in a 7 by 7ft square for 9 hours a day, and thats a good recipe for getting pretty chunky, so i'm being pro-active.

not much is going on right now. tim and i have the JLPT (jpn language proficiency test) scheduled for december 7th, then christmas with his family on the 13th.

we're also going back to japanland on december 20th! woooo :D
We'll be there until january 2nd, and we're going skiing the 30th and 31st in nagano.
only other thing we have planned is that my host sister (who has been in peru since february) is getting back to japan on the 27th of december, and theyre going to have a party type deal at her house on the 28th.

we're working on getting our ski hotel reservations by the end of this week. :D

i've also just been told tonight to start planning for our trip to ottawa in february, over the president's day weekend. there is no better way to celebrate the american presidents than by going to canada.

thats about it. i'm tired. maybe i'll update this again before two months is up. maybe not.
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(no subject) [Jul. 31st, 2008|06:12 pm]
[music |coheed]

dear july:

you have proven to be quite a crappy month.

july 5th til 10th: gross blistery sunburn
july 14 and 15: stayed home sick from work due to food poisoning, actually went to the doctor's, and tim had it too.
july 16th til 20th: progressively felt better.

july 21st to today: stomach hurts like hell, showing no signs of stopping. hurts worst the first few hours of work, and right before i go to bed. i'm not nauseous or sick in any other way besides my stomach pains (much like as if i'd had milk), no matter what i eat.

no, i am not pregnant.
why does everyone ask me that?
food poisoning causes babies?
you had better stay away from the dairy queen in canton then, unless you want babies, in that case, go right ahead.

its too bad stomaches aren't like tonsils or appendices, i'd just get it removed.
it causes me too many problems.

"oh, you want to have ice cream, clam chowder, cheese, and alfredo? no, that's not happening. Not ever."
"oh, you want to have eggs. I'll only make you feel sick from those every once in a while."
"oh, you want to have anything fried, like shrimp, calamari, or fries? nope, that's not a good idea either."

i really hope that my stomach decides to stop being a little bitch (the all of a sudden pains, not the milk stuff, i deal with that) before i go to georgia in two weeks. at least its a short flight. i have to train this iku lady down there to do basically what i do, inside sales. for some reason she is really adamant about not flying to MI (i dont want to be here either).

the other crappy thing, is that the guy at my work, let's call him ACM (annoying chubby man) is not going to quit after all. he gave his two weeks, well, two weeks ago. and then decided that if they would let him stay and handle some of his own accounts and go visit them and stuff, aka start making him an account manager that he would stay here. except all he does while he is here is not do..... anything. complains about how its boring (if it wasn't boring they wouldn't call it work, it'd be called fun and we'd all be doing it, making millions.) basically, of the account managers, i handle stuff for brock (nissan/toyota/mitsubishi), rob and nick (honda), and nori (random honda and japanese stuff). he has erica (nissan), brad (domestics), jason (domestics), and joe (mixture).

except that ACM is known for not doing things on time, so those other 4 managers that aren't mine give things to me. and i don't really care that they do, as i rarely make it through the day withing gazing at facebook or trying to figure out spider solitaire, i clearly have the time to help them.

i was just kinda of looking forward to someone new, that would hopefully at least care a bit about what they are doing. and not talk only about softball. and not brag about eating two burritos from chipotle in one sitting. grosssss.

anything good in july?
got an iPhone.
got my license.

that's about it.
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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2008|04:33 pm]
oh livejournal, how I ignore you.

recently Tim and I have been riding our new road bikes alot.

The bike computer says 206.6 miles on mine so far.

Today we looked around for the I-275 pathway (I think we made a wrong turn at Hannan and 94 service drive.... ended up down my Metro Airport and went through the city of Wayne). Just shy of 25 miles today.

Yesterday, we went out to Shelby for the 4th. We road the paved part of the Macomb Orchard Trail from my grandma's house up to 32 mile between Van Dyke and Van Dyke Expressway and then back. About 18 miles.

On Thursday we biked from our apartment in Belleville out to Lake Erie Metropark, right where the Detroit River comes into Lake Erie and then back. Our route was down 94 service drive to Haggerty south to Huron Mills Metropark. We went through Huron Mills and then Willow Metropark, and then followed Huron River Drive through Flat Rock, Rockwood, and to Brownstown Twp to Lake Erie. Total: 48 miles.

Last sunday we both rode in EcoRide 2008, that raised money (over 30K at the end) for the Ann Arbor Ecology Center. We started at around 8am in Hudson Mills Metropark in Dexter and we did the 25 mile loop.

We only live about 2 miles away from Huron Mills Metropark, and there is a bike path that starts there and goes through two other park along the Huron River, about 15 miles from our apartment to the end of the path.

So yea, the road bikes are pretty much the only new thing worth writing about.
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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2008|06:12 pm]
i went shopping today.


that is all.
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(no subject) [May. 15th, 2008|09:03 pm]

tim looks like jim from the office...

and i have the same haircut as david cook on american idol.

aren't we just so cool?

(read: so cool = not quite so cool at all.)
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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2008|02:24 pm]

yesterday, i fell off the bike (well, more accurately fell with the bike since my shoes attach to it) while mountain biking at bloomer state park, and whacked the left side of my jaw on the right handle bar, managed to bite the inside of my mouth when that happened, and then spit blood out of my mouth for like ten minutes.

pretty sweet.

i like showing the people at work my bruises. they think i'm crazy.
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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2008|11:30 am]
its been a while.

this past week i went down to georgia with 3 other new people at work for orientation.
that was pretty cool.

-seeing the spring making machines at the metals plant (even cooler in person. not just on How Its Made)
-the sports bar with the beer taps at your table
-best 21oz steak ive ever eaten
-the weather

i also got a car yesterday.
still no license to drive it though, but im closer.
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(no subject) [Apr. 21st, 2008|08:04 am]
grocery shopping yesterday was less than the usual amount of pain.

this is pretty much my life now:

oh. so my work phone. they say it works. i mean, it does, i can call out. but when it rings its always like this.

phone rings once. doess't ring again.
immediately after one ring, some other phone in the office rings.

i think my phone thinks its the switchbaord. (>__<)

i only answer it if it rings twice.

its never rang twice, outside of when we were setting it up and joe called it from his cellphone to see if it worked.

thats okay though. its not like i actually do too much yet. i like to make people confused with the ePC.

Q.) Wow, that's small.
A.) Yes, its small.

Q.) Is it a working computer?
A.) Yes, its a real working computer. (what would I be doing with a fake computer?)
A.) No, its actually a giant cell phone.

Q.) What is it?
A.) Its a giant eyeshadow compact. A 10 by 6 inch eyeshadow compact.
A.) Its a flat frisbee. It makes the frisbee golf much more complicated.
A.) Its a My-Size Barbie laptop. It makes the stretch convertible and the dreamhouse.

Q.) What does it do?
A.) My bidding.
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another rant about grocery shopping [Apr. 13th, 2008|08:54 pm]
another fun day of grocery shopping.

usually there aren't as many people at kroger as there were today.


I also said last week that I wasn't going to get anymore plastic bags anymore, at least bring anymore home. Well, I forgot to bring my bags with me. So, I came home with a bag from the Tsai Grocery store, except I got a little laugh out of it when I realized it was a Wal-mart bag, and clearly Tsai Grocery does not equal WalMart.

When in Kroger, I realized my bag conundrum, so I bought a giant breast cancer tote bag (no, really, its HUGE. like take this tote to the beach HUGE.)

Anyways, as you've all heard before, the grocery store is an area of much anger for me. After I actually started eating responsibly, I've felt the need to stand at the front of the Kroger check out lines, and not permit people to enter unless I approve of their food choices. I'm a pretty 'meh everyone can do what they want' kinda person, but seriously, you don't need 3 boxes of donut holes.

I always seem to encounter at least one person at the store that makes me (>_____<)

Today it was the lady in front of me.

-told the boy to bag everything in plastic (as if stores still actually give you an option), including the 3 gallon jugs of milk..... THOSE HAVE HANDLES. seriously, if you have to buy 3 gallons of milk a week (normal shelf life of milk from kroger), then you probably live with someone else, probably children, and you should make them carry the groceries in the house anyways. she also used a plastic produce bag for oranges... oranges that were already in the plastic mesh bag.
-paid with a check. and it took forever. so not only did she have enough food to feed a couple third world countries (and those have big populations of hungry people) but she had to pay with a check that the cashier had to have her manage like, authorize it or something.
-didn't bring her kroger card, and then had to put the phone number in on the credit card thing. AND could not remember what phone number it was under. okay, so i forget mine half the time, and i just tell them i can't remember the number and they scan the one behind the counter.

i was so close to saying something to her about the bag thing. whatever, i know we all can't turn 180 and use totes, but you really don't need them for milk jugs. I mean, I yelled at a lady in Outback Steakhouse about 2 weeks ago (another patron, not a waitress, mind you) and I am capable of doing it again. (let me know if you'd like that story.)

i think i am going to start my own grocery store. except not everyone can shop there, kinda like a sam's club. the only rules for joining the club is that you must not irritate me.
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(no subject) [Apr. 10th, 2008|09:37 pm]
i'm not the shortest girl at my new job.

there is an indian girl who has to be like 4'8"... and i can really tell bc my shoes make me about 5'1 or 2 and she wears flats.....

i can has tall feelings?

yes i can.
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