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4 February 1986
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Jessie's LJ: revamped

Jessica, 21, Belleville, Michigan
B.A. Japanese & Political Science, Michigan State University 2007

I've had enough of that old journal about me stuff, so I fixed it up. This is plain, and I like it. I like going to school, but I'm ready to graduate. I'm ready to start a new part of my life, getting married in January, I'm gonna "ganbare" at that part of my life. I've been taking Japanese since I was 14yrs old, whatever you wanna know about that, I'll tell. I like (some) anime, TV dramas, and jpop/rock. Also into Buddhism, shrines, festivals, puri-kura, and everyday life. Interested in everyday life in America as well, I don't try to be out of the ordinary (anymore), as long as each day I do what I can. I have a problem with capitalizing my letters in sentences, I'm trying really hard at this paragraph.

I'm whatever you want me to be.

jessie stairs IMG_1036

jess_and_the_lolitas_harajuku holding hands

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